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Selfie Sunday is a comedy podcast run by the one and only Pat Guilherme and Kyle O'Brien. Clever, hilarious, insightful... the perfect selfie to end your week

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49 - Dracula Beach Party - (51:43) 94.7 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... After some lost episodes and failed takes due to faulty equipment, Selfie is back! Kyle and John are no where to be found, so Sean "The Bully" Kinsky starts to make moves for a takeover. Pat struggles with life problems, Sean picks up a new weekend gig from 5-7, and as soon as a robot can walk around with a knife, we're fucked. Together, we can bring clouds home - Pat Guilherme / Paul Rudd 2020. And how could anyone forget a Dracula Beach Party?... well, guess Pat did. That and so much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

48 - I Only Swiped Right For Your Dog - (1:13:32) 134.65 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... NEW SELFIE NEW US! With mimosas in hand the Dudes are back... finally. Everyone is getting Bandersnatch'd, leveling up, and is griping all over Mario's stupid party throwing face. Kyle witnesses a fight, Pat has a really cute asshole, and the two discover they missed the Harvest Moon festival. So plant your fucking tree and mind your business, cause the Irish Knee is coming back to the Super Dome. The Battle of the Eagles, Bri-Guy the Mimosa Guy, and so much more tonight.... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

47 - You Can Trust Me, I Made You With My Dick (feat. Hannah Odgers) - (1:09:56) 128.08 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... Pat and Jeffe push onwards without Kyle this week (he's a real cool guy at a real cool concert), and in his absence things get weird. John scores an actual goal, Pat wins over a stranger, and Buu the cat stops in to plug her newest money making scheme. Selfie welcomes special guest Hannah Odgers to the show, and has a few unexpected visitors from Boston's very own town of Sonkhonkett. Why does God laugh like Bane? How many spanks per second (SPS) do you need to determine a watermelon's quality? Lets get sexy, stretchy, and sweaty! That and so much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture Find Selfie's newest friend Hannah Odgers on Instagram @Odgershannah Keep up to all things Sonkhonkett here! Instagram @ Sonkhonkett Download the 617 Rage's newest album "Witch Hunt" for free!

46 - Molestation is a Touchy Subject - (1:07:48) 124.17 MB
Tonight, on Selfie Sunday... The Dudes have been bamboozled! Jeffe McDonough is not with us tonight. So google uses this as her chance to shine. Kyle gets into a car accident, Pat goes on a cleanse, and John has a conversation with John. We get a look into the top 5 worst text messages to receive, and sit down to discuss the Last Jedi. Poop, sadness, heartbreak and more tonight on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture #FuckLoganPaul And dont forget to check out Selfie's friend The First Band to Play on Mars and their debut album "Lost in Space" on Spotify! Make sure to stay up to date at all things 1B2POM at these links!

45 - Shame Makes You Immortal - (1:04:28) 118.05 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... Fabulous and Lucious, The Dudes and Jeffe welcome on a new cast member to the Selfie team. Kyle becomes a Lyft driver, John meets Inspector Gadget, and Pat talks about his new job being a mystifier of mysticals. Jazz Garbage, Incense Man, Johnny Kanakakey and more await tonight.... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

44 - Everyone's Biggest Problem is Hemorrhoids - (1:04:23) 117.92 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... The Dudes discuss the dividing line between a coma and not a real coma on Selfie Sunday's first ever #ComaWatch. John masters sand, Kyle goes to spin class, and Pat ruins a girls life. Join us as we get the deets on WhoMageddon, the evolution of fish, and the latest table top craze: Barbarians and Bards. That and so much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

43 - B.F.C. (Big Friendly Chihuahua) - (1:18:05) 143 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... Shut the fuck up, I made you food, be thankful! The Dudes and Jeffe have barely got pants to poop in tonight folks. Kyle has a run in with an alpha male at the Griffith Observatory and Pat discovers an interest in anal bleaching. Together, Selfie gets down to the bottom of this whole airline food debacle and address other fan suggested topics! That and so much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture Pat Moans Top Off Girl - Watch the video, download the single for FREE! Soundcloud:à BandCamp:à�/top-off-girl-pat-moans

42 - Is Defcon a Convention for Deaf People? - (59:13) 81.33 MB
Tonight on a very JEFFE special Selfie Sunday... THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS! John JEFFE McDonough is BACK in the Selfie Sunday Studio! Join the entire Selfie family as Pat gets naked on Instagram LIVE, Kyle has another encounter with his psychic, and the gang pitches Pixar's newest cinematic masterpiece, "The Unprotected Nut". Street hustlers, dried out skin flaps, Trumplestillskin, and soooooooo much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

41 - I Can't Tell If It's Foam Or Vodka (Facebook LIVE stream) - (1:37:32) 133.96 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... We have ourselves a LIVE STREAM!! The Dudes tackle their first attempt at live streaming the show. Kyle meets a crystal lusting psychic, Pat gets an eye full of chip shrapnel, and are you a real hockey fan? Or just a wannabe? Learn about deadly deodorant, enjoy a spoken lyrical rendition of Ginuwine's 'Pony', and learn the truth behind Woody O'Brien. That and much much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

40 - Is Dane Cook Good At Giving Head? (feat. Janine Hogan) - (1:30:34) 124.39 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... The Dudes team up with The Kinks, who apparently gets an intro now, and welcome the incredible Janine Hogan to the podcast! Brought to you by the shitty wires of Freestyles, dagger dancing, Ol' Smooth Thumb and THE RETURN of The Fuck Patch only scrape the surface of this Selfie journey. Pat gets drunk and knocks shit over, Janine drops some sick bars, and Kyle is apparently a Lima Bean? And I know you're asking yourself.... IS Dane Cook good at giving head? All that and more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture Find everything you need to know and more about The Real Basket Maker herself Janine Hogan here!

39 - If Wishes Were Wednesdays, Every Week Would Have Wieners - (53:05) 72.91 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... Like professionals, we're releasing this episode a biiiiiit late. Let's take a trip in time to the day before the record breaking Super Bowl loss of the Falcons. From hot sticky Pat-A-Grams and mouse trap enthusiasts, to killer abbrevs (which is abbreviations for those who don't know) and gossip about that babe Tom Brady, this Selfie was too good to stay in the vault. Join us as we welcome back The Master of All Things, John "Jeffe" McDonough, via the first use of Selfie's new "call system"!! I promise it won't hurt your hand, but I have lied to people before... That and so much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

38 - F**k A Seagull (feat. The Fontaines) - (1:22:09) 112.83 MB
Tonight... on Selfie Sunday... With Kyle away, Sean Kinsky "hosts" this very special Selfie Sunday. Treasure hunt interviews, disappointed butlers and killer seagulls are not the only gems in this episode. Charlotte and Hank Fontaine, of the appropriately named band The Fontaines, are here! Listen as we learn of their New-Wop sound, discuss Lady Gaga magnets, and discover just how impossible it is for Pat to remember anyone's names. Make sure to like our friends The Fontaines and catch their single "Evaporate" after the show!! Keep up to date on all things Fontaines here! Spotify TIDAL Apple Music

37 - Sh**tin', Fartin' and Pissin' - (1:00:26) 83 MB
Tonight... on Selfie Sunday... Selfie boils down to just the basics this week and The Dudes get some much deserved one on one time. Pat has some strong opinions about toilet seats and Kyle flexes his live DJ muscles. Buu pops in for a visit, and rumor has it, Hannibal Lector is lurking somewhere in the studio. What are you waiting for? Baby boom my a**hole! That, and so much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

36 - #BatRattlesErin - (1:12:53) 100.11 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... Secret dildos, murder houses and exotic balloon dancing, what more could you want? From the opening of the live theater experience "Dat Ass", to the lying Kubo and his 45 strings, this Selfie has got it all. Sean Kinsky joins in the discussion tonight spinning tales of invisible cats and business pitches with balloon donkeys. And look out Ellen Degeneres! It looks like Pat is coming after you hard. That, and so much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture. Make sure to check out The Supervisor's (Andrew Alphons) newest track "2 CDs" off his upcoming album "Supervisor Unlimited". Hitting the world in just over a week. Follow him on Twitter @supervisor_HLB and on instagram @supervisionunlimited Get his last mixtape here!

Mr. Busy Business - (1:02:51) 86.33 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... We're back! And coming to you straight from the sunny and glorious LA! The Dudes have been through a lot of change these few weeks and it's time to catch up. Ballsack drugs, baby boomer beds, cuddling King's guard... where does it end? Join the Dudes as they take you through their eventful few weeks, sadly without the aid of The Master of All Things :(. But hey, let's make some bad decisions at campsite 5! Just don't be shitty, we have one Earth. That.. and much much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture. - - Check out "Look At Me Now Dad" here!: As well as our Youtube channel for "207"!:

Bunker Barry's (featuring Brien DeRosa) - (1:00:50) 83.55 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... The Dudes and Jeffe McDonough finally welcome Brien DeRosa (of the podcast Bats in the Belfry) on to the show. Flak Man and Balloon Bro make their debut as well as the sexy Karl Karl Kardashian. We explore a little into the messed up dream world of Pat and welcome back the Game of Thrones minute. That and so much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MorethanJustAPicture (Follow our friend Brien DeRosa on twitter!! @enzuigiri as well as @batsbelfry)

Trade the Marowak For Nose Beers (Feat. Ricky Masello & Matt Tang) - (58:59) 54.01 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... The Dudes welcome back Ricky Masello and welcome new guest Matt Tang! Two friends that have almost been friends as long as our married hosts Pat and Kyle. Drugs are bad kids, and maybe professionals shouldn't be as inebriated when they record their show? Either way... you're in for a treat. That... and sooo much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

Horse Fight - (45:05) 41.29 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... KYLE... is not here :( Pat and the Master of All Things take the Selfie reigns on their own, with the help of guest Sean Kinsky of course. Have you ever thought about which Leonardo DiCaprio you would have sex with? How about Kyle's super-villain origin story? So many answers to questions you never knew you had tonight folks! That and so much more... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture Make sure to join the dudes Saturday, April 16th at Penguin Pizza for their Keanu inspired trivia sponsored by Warner Bros!

Quivel Snitch - (1:13:26) 67.23 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... YER A WIZARD 'ARRY! Since the Harry Potter event seems to be booming, we decided to do a Harry Potter oriented Selfie! Learn what the Dudes and Jeffe McDonough really think about the terrible academic focus of Dumbledore, just how gross Peter Pettigrew is and the important question.... where does Hagrid shit? Stuff gets a little rowdy pretty early in this one folks, Pat starting the podcast off at a hard 8. You'll be pleasantly surprised and so hot and bothered it'll make you reconsider your life ;). That, and so much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

Crip Crip Cripple - (1:08:51) 63.04 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday.... The Dudes are back ladies and gentlemen! EPISODE 30!!! Its been far too long since the last episode and for that we shall never apologize ;) But don't worry, it's out of love you sexy people. The Dudes and The Master of All Things tackle the important topics: Deadpool, Star Wars, Dirty Dancing and time closets. What more could you ask for? So sit down, dim the lights, grab a box of tissues and turn your family photos around cause things are about to get pretty sexy. That and so much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

Bearock Obama (Live at the Sonkhonkett treater!) - (1:17:58) 71.39 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... The Dudes and The Master of All Things perform their very first LIVE SHOW at the Sonkhonkett treater. It doesn't take long for this shit to hit the fan tonight ;) From everything Draft Kings to Patrick's questions for the blind, it's a roller coaster of emotions, bear shrooms and sexually violated playground equipment. The superhero trio of the Windexers make a comeback (Melissa Dole stepping in as the Vibrator) to protect the city of Boston and all its citizens from the terrors of the world. That... and much much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday Learn more about Sokhonkett here -->,,

Beatin' It Soft - (1:02:06) 56.86 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday.... Is Pat's dick truly the size of a Pikachu? And does Kirby actually have a butthole? Well, the Dudes and The Master of All Things do their best to get to the bottom of these age old questions. Join us and Sean Kinsky as we discover just what it takes to achieve god like ecstasy. Thank God it's not fucking Friday's! That, and so much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

The Windexers - (1:27:32) 80.15 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... Hooters, religion, superheroes, Saw and 34 different kinds of BBQ sauce, what more can you ask for? The Dudes and the Master of All Things talk about life's major issues... like why is that chick from Evanescence always laying down? Joined by Sean Kinsky, The Dudes dive into an action packed roleplaying adventure guided by Jeffe McDonough that you don't want to miss. That... and much, much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

Cats and Wine (Featuring Ricky Masello) - (1:16:06) 69.68 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... Goddamn goddamn, we've got a full house tonight ladies and gentlemen. The Dudes and The Master of All Things are once again joined by Sean Kinsky and David Jackson in addition to popping the podcast cherry of Ricky Masello. This episodes got everything from Lebron's dick and pigeon doves to Chris Pratt playing with dinosaurs and baby jizz. Not to mention the very first ever Selfie Sunday Rap Battle of 2015!! We've got that and so much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

Papa Squat - (1:18:04) 71.48 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... Not gonna lie to you folks, this here is a special episode. Have you ever wondered what it sounds like to have a mouth full of dicks? How about having sexual relations with an alien being made of a jelly like substance? Even further... I bet you've all were curious about Pat's first boner memory. Things get down and dirty tonight with special appearances by StachR, Dah Dee Izues and the one and only Papa Squat. That... and so much goddamn more... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

My Name is Chuck... and I Wanna Fool Around - (1:09:49) 63.93 MB
Ohhh daaaaamn! SELFIE SUNDAY IS BACK AND sexier THAN EVER!! The Dudes are back in the game full force with a sexy new mixer. New jokes, old jokes and just the riiight amount of substances make this a Selfie to Remember. John Jeffe McDonough (master of all things), has a hard time mastering talking into his microphone, and Pat and Kyle decide to Babadook when they really Babashouldnt. All that and a NEW GAME! (Oh daamn). Kiss that shitty quality goodbye and journey with us into the future of #SelfieSunday.... #MoreThanJustAPicture

The Fuck Patch - (1:01:31) 56.32 MB
Laaaaaadies and gentlemen! Another unreleased episode is here for your listening pleasure. Beware of The Fuck Patch and those rapey muthafuckin Charmin Bears... and bid farewell to this era of quality, as this is the LAST Selfie Sunday without our sexy new mixer ;) That and so much more... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

An Extra 8 Gigs Up Your Butthole - (1:24:07) 77.03 MB
Its the time you've all been waiting for! The Dudes sit down and name the KING Shanty of the Year!!! And for our 21st birthday (Thats right... 21 whole episodes old) we've got a full house tonight, The Dudes and the Master of All Things are joined in the Selfie Studio by Sean Kinsky, Rob Byrer and Kyle Mackesey (of Sonkhonkett). This long overdue episode is UNCUT! The originally deleted trainwreck movie trailer scene is back in all its glory! Alcohol is a hell of a drug... #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture Find out more about Kyle Magazine and his wonderful world of Sonkhonkett here! annnnnd here

Not So Interstellar - (54:58) 50.33 MB
Tonight... on Selfie Sunday. The Dudes welcome on guest Robert Bryer as they take in and review the year 2014. Superheroes flood the show as the gang discusses their favorite and least favorites of the soon to end year. Kyle gushes over a certain American captain and Pat digs up the dead corpse of Frozen, to assault once again. That and much much more tonight... on the 20TH EPISODE OF.... #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

They weigh 5,000lbs and never forget - (1:01:53) 56.67 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... The dudes announce a new filming schedule! Platinum Kush is alive and well, and manages to KO this weeks regular guest, Sean Kinsky. Kyle falls in love with a stylist and Patrick has a Halloween encounter with a purple viking, the terminator and a drunk pumpkin. $7.00 orange juice goes to waste OH GOD WE LOST STEVE!! That, and much much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

Star Dicks: Episode XVII A New Grope - (59:46) 54.73 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... The dudes are back!!! Selfie returns from its short break ready to stimulate the masses, welcoming John McDonough on board as comptroller!! Pats got some beef with Eskimos and everyone seems to have dicks on the brain. Sean Kinsky guest stars on this rage filled, vodka soaked installment of Selfie's triumphant return. Stories of travel, cock costumes, Eskimo porn and so... so much more... tonight... On #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

Cheesus Christ (featuring Kyle Mackesey) - (1:18:48) 72.15 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... The puppets are coming the puppets are coming!! The dudes welcome the crazy mind behind the fantastic webs-series Sonkhonkett, Kyle Mackesey, on to the show. Get an inside look (or errr... listen?) at just what it takes to create a world as crazy as this. A few Sonkhonkett residents jump in on the fun. Charlie the townie answers a few questions, Dotty McGarvey bestows some words of wisdom and the 617-RAGE drops a few fresh lines. That, and much much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

Holo-Cock - (1:09:58) 64.07 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... Kyle is BACK and sexier than ever!!! ;) The Dudes are reunited as Kyle returns from his two week vacation. Tonight, the dudes welcome Sean Kinsky and John McDonough to join in on the shenanigans. From Butt Hymens to homicidal geese, this ones got everything. So shove a disc up your ass and boot up your holo-cock, because shit is about to get weird... Tonight.... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

Dr. Silly's Chucklewagon - (49:43) 45.52 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... Episode 13!!! Wait... wheres episode 12? Pat is joined by special guest co-host John McDonough for an episode chock full of dick feeding. Some interesting and show changing mail is addressed and John informs us about his studies with Professor Gordon Ramsey. Sean Kinsky guest stars! So what're waiting for? Step into our Chucklewagon.... that and much much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

Linguica Jones - (1:06:37) 61 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... News! Shanties! Sportz!! Thats right, this episode has it all!! Sean Kinsky and John McDonough join the dudes for another rousing episode of Selfie Sunday. Kyle has a kerfuffle at work, and Pat has some news thats fappening all over the world! New segments abound with not one... but TWO Fantasy Football segments. It's all about the yardage Candytoes, never forget that. That, and much much more tonight.... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

Rasta Dracula - (48:04) 44.02 MB
Tonight... on Selfie Sunday.. It's Selfie Sunday's 10th episode!! The dudes welcome Sean Kinsky and John McDonough on to help them celebrate the occasion. Pat answers some fan mail and shows the fans just how much inebriation goes down during a show; and Kyle plays a sexy leading lady in an adult movie trailer. Librarians, Swedish plumbers, therapists, Rasta Dracula and much much more tonight... on a very special, 10th episode of... #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

Mario Throws the Worst Parties - (57:25) 52.57 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... Pat spends the week trying to kill himself and Kyle becomes a bandit of JP Licks. Finally, the dudes sit down and discuss Guardians of the Galaxy (We are Groot!). Kyle's Korner is packed full of goodies tonight. Luigi Bitch. That and much more tonight (the 2nd attempt) on... #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

David Greenblatt is a Certified Cunt - (1:06:54) 61.25 MB
Tonight... on Selfie Sunday. R.I.P. Robin Williams. The dudes talk about the influences and works of the late and great Robin Williams. John McDonough and Sean Kinsky guest star and weigh in on the issue of the concrete devouring termites. Thank god Larry the Intern is here to save the day. That, and much much more on... #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

Selfie Sunday's Seventh: Shanty Sink Shitting Spectacular - (50:12) 45.97 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... The dudes welcome Sean Kinsky and John McDonough on early to get the ball rolling. The first Shanty of the month is announced, sinks are shat in and Thor is going to be a woman? That... and much much more tonight on... #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture "From the Makers Of" Facebook: Keynote Company's Facebook: Contest site:

Friendship Frenzy - (1:14:57) 68.62 MB
Toooooonight on Selfie Sunday.... We've got a full house! The Dudes welcome Sean Kinsky, David Jackson and John McDonough on to the show. Tonights live studio audience raves as games are played, moons are bombed and emails get torn apart (sorta). Groomzillas galore and much much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

Oral Selfie - (55:42) 51 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday.... Pat says goodbye to his childhood house, Kyle takes you into his dusty little Korner and the dudes answer some fan mail from their loving and adoring fans. Sean Kinsky pops in for a bit and Pat & Kyle discuss some new movies. Big fat oral selfies for everyone! That and much much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

Cheer up bitch... it's a festival - (1:02:20) 57.08 MB
Selfie Sunday's 4th episode!! Sean Kinsky and David Jackson guest star on this Firefly Festival themed episode. The Dudes review some newly released movies... and battle an evil monster who dare threatened the security of the Selfie Sunday studio. All this.. and much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

Be good to your neighbor... suck his dick - (44:52) 41.09 MB
Tonight on Selfie Sunday... Bledsoe's down again! E3 is in session and full of Luigi Death Stares. And the dudes, along with guest John McDonough, reminisce, discuss and hate on games of the past. That and much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture

Goddammit Rosie Goldberg - (1:06:43) 61.09 MB
Tonight on #SelfieSunday... John McDonough makes his first appearance, Spencer Murdock and Adrian Eberth stop in to chat about their band Achilles and the dudes have one drink too many. Hello cervix, Jim Belushi has a police dog. That and much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture Achilles:

Selfie Sunday 1 - (46:32) 42.61 MB
On the Podcast Premier of Selfie Sunday... Blackouts are explained, Sean discovers an incredible, but dangerous, superpower and Pat reminisces about a school ditching gone horribly wrong. That and much more tonight.... On #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture